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Can you help me with a denture that doesn't fit?

For some patients, finding a dentist to create dentures that fit well and look natural is tough to do, but having an attractive denture that stays put when you need it most is important!

An ill-fitting denture can cause sores, make it impossible to eat, and even cause embarrassing moments when you speak and laugh. This can negatively impact your quality of life and your overall health. Dr. Leech knows how important it is for our denture patients to have reliable dentures. He takes great pride in creating dentures that fit our patients well and add confidence.

In some cases, patients have significant bone loss, making dentures a less suitable option. We can help. By placing a few dental implants into your upper or lower arch, we can design dentures that lock into place and use your dental implants as an anchor to hold it in place. Because implant-supported dentures lock in, they stay put when you eat, talk, laugh, and yawn. Not only does this provide additional confidence for our patients, it also helps broaden their nutrition options by making more foods accessible.

If you feel frustrated about your ill-fitting dentures, give us a call. Dr. Leech is happy to help you find a solution that improves your quality of life!

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