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Digital Dental X-Rays

We are proud to offer digital dental x-rays in our office so we can provide our patients with the most up-to-date dentistry available.

Your Safety Is Our Number One Concern

Dental x-rays have always been among the safest in the medical field because they require only a small amount of radiation to create a detailed image. With the implementation of digital x-rays, we reduced the radiation by up to 90 percent compared with traditional film x-rays.

We still protect our patients with a lead apron and thyroid cuff to further minimize the exposure to radiation. You will actually get more exposure by being outside than by having regular dental x-rays.

Early Diagnosis Means Better Care

Dr. Leech can often diagnose decay and other conditions with a visual examination; however, not all problems are visible to the naked eye alone. You could have decay between your teeth or hidden by a dental restoration, making it a challenge to see with a visual inspection. Usually, by the time a dental condition causes pain, it is well advanced.

Digital dental x-rays provide high-resolution images that assist with the early diagnosis of conditions such as dental decay. He can adjust brightness, contrast, and exposure to see your x-rays in a more detailed way than ever before. Your x-rays appear instantly on our computer screen for fast and convenient access.

When we diagnose your conditions early, we can also treat them early. For many patients, this means less invasive dentistry and lower costs.

Protecting your natural teeth is important and still the best way to protect your oral health and your smile. Our focus on prevention allows you to keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

Convenient and Secure

We store your digital dental x-rays securely in your digital chart and can pull up comparisons with the click of a mouse. Side-by-side comparisons provide useful information about how your oral health changes over time.

Protecting your digital information is important to us. We store it all with password-protected encryption for your privacy.

If a specialist or insurance company requires additional information, we can send it securely and electronically via email for your convenience. 

Better for Our Environment

The use of digital x-ray technology eliminates the need for developing film, which is better for our environment. We do not need to dispose of dangerous chemicals required for darkroom use.

Keeping our practice digital reduces paper waste, as well! Our commitment to modern dentistry also benefits the Earth.

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