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Root Canal Therapy

Patients often dread learning they need root canal therapy to save a troubled tooth. Usually this is because root canal treatment is associated with pain and a trip to a specialist who you have never met.

We can help.

Dr. Leech is trained and experienced in root canal therapy so he can provide patients the care they need right here in the comfort of their regular dental office. We find that this fact alone often puts patients at ease because Dr. Leech has a reputation for being gentle and making all dental procedures comfortable for our patients.

Will My Root Canal Hurt?

We believe that all dental treatments can be painless.

The pain associated with root canals often comes from the symptoms of the infection causing the problem, not the treatment. Most patients find their pain relieved after root canal therapy. While some residual sensitivity may occur after treatment, it will subside over the coming days.

Having a root canal should be no more painful than a routine dental filling. Advancements in anesthetic and procedures have dramatically improved over the last decade, but if you do have concerns, please let us know. We are here to help you feel confident in your dental care.

When a Root Canal becomes Necessary

An infection inside your tooth, near the nerve, is usually the cause behind the need for a root canal. Without a root canal, you may need an extraction.

While many people think an extraction is a reasonable solution, it really is not the best choice for your health. Tooth loss creates a host of other oral conditions that can be more invasive and costly in the future.

A root canal can save your tooth. We will be here with you every step of the way!

How Root Canal Therapy Works

Dr. Leech will make sure you are comfortable and that your tooth feels completely numb for your procedure before he begins. He will make a small access to clean out your tooth’s canal, removing infected tissue, bacteria, and debris before placing medication to assist with healing. He will then fill your tooth with a rubbery material to close the canal. Finally, he will place a temporary restoration to seal your tooth and keep out bacteria.

Your body’s natural healing defenses will take over, and within a few days, the swelling, sensitivity, and discomfort will subside.

Follow-Up Care after Root Canal Treatment

We will allow your body to heal your tooth completely and then schedule a follow-up exam to make sure your infection is resolved.

The final step in root canal therapy is to stabilize your tooth, which will be more brittle and susceptible to fractures after treatment. In most cases, Dr. Leech will recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth and allow you to eat normally.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Contact our Murfreesboro dental team today so we can relieve your symtoms and protect your smile!

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