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An experienced dental team can help you enjoy a beautiful, comfortable smile for a lifetime!

Teeth Have a Tough Job!

A good preventative treatment plan can protect your teeth from the day-to-day wear and damage they may face. From time to time, however, teeth sustain damage due to trauma, decay, or even clenching or grinding that produces cracks. This type of damage may require a dental restoration to repair the problem.

If you experience damage to your tooth, we can often repair it using a dental crown. We can even complete your smile using a fixed dental bridge when your condition requires an extraction.

How Dental Crowns Work

For small repairs to teeth, a dental filling will often do the trick. When a tooth sustains significant decay or damage, however, more protection may be necessary. A dental crown can protect and prolong the life of your tooth.

Dental crowns cover your natural tooth and provide added stability by taking on some of the force from chewing. A quality dental crown can prolong the life of your tooth and provide you with comfort!

Dr. Jeff Leech creates each dental crown to meet your health and lifestyle needs. We can create all-metal, porcelain-metal blends, or all-porcelain crowns depending on your oral health and your goals for your smile.

Dr. Leech is a perfectionist and will make sure that your crown fits great so you can enjoy a comfortable smile and eat the foods you love.

Your Dental Crown Treatment

Your comfort is a priority.

Dr. Leech spends time with each patient to ensure a comfortable dental experience. Once your tooth is numb, he will remove any decayed or damaged tooth structure and shape your tooth for your crown.

We will place a temporary crown on your tooth while the lab creates your custom restoration. When we receive it, Dr. Leech will make sure the crown fits comfortably and looks perfect. He will then permanently seal it to your tooth.

Are You Facing a Dental Extraction?

A gap in your smile from a missing tooth can pose problems for your appearance. It can also make it difficult for you to speak and eat properly.

At Jeff Leech Family Dentistry, we can help! A fixed dental bridge uses two dental crowns to hold an artificial tooth in place. Your fixed bridge will fill the gap in your smile and restore your chewing surface.

Dental bridges also keep your remaining teeth from shifting. Dr. Leech creates dental bridges that are attractive and functional! Your final restoration will blend in with your remaining teeth, giving you the confidence to smile, laugh, and speak without worry.

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