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Teeth Whitening

Our society values bright, beautiful smiles!

Even though the color of your teeth is not always a good indication of your oral health since darkening of your teeth is part of the aging process, you might wish to spruce up the appearance of your smile with professional teeth whitening to give it that healthy glow.

At our Murfreesboro dental office, we provide teeth whitening options to help you look younger and feel better about your appearance.

Personalized Take-Home Teeth Whitening

One of the most cost-effective ways to brighten your smile is a custom take-home whitening system. We will take accurate impressions of your teeth to create whitening trays that fit snugly and hold your whitening gel in place while it gently bleaches away stains that have collected due to coffee consumption, tobacco use, and eating colorful foods like curry or berries.

We will discuss how long you should wear your whitening trays in order to achieve the best results without causing sensitivity, which can occur for some patients who have gum recession or a clenching and grinding habit.

Choosing the correct whitening gel will give you the best results. We offer several varieties and will recommend one based on your level of staining and oral care needs.

After a couple of weeks of using your custom trays at home, you will achieve an improvement of several shades. We will measure your results using a before-and-after shade guide to show you your progress!

Maintaining Your Results

If you drink coffee or red wine or use tobacco, you will probably need occasional touch-ups to keep your smile looking its best. You should keep your custom whitening trays for future use and we can provide you with additional whitening gel so that your smile stays beautiful.

Teeth Whitening Comfortably

Most patients can whiten their teeth without side effects. For some patients, sensitivity can occur, especially if you have gum recession or a history of grinding your teeth.

If you experience sensitivity, we can help! Fluoride treatments can desensitize your teeth and re-mineralize them.

We may recommend using a different type of gel or adjust the time you wear your trays so you can whiten comfortably. It is also essential that you follow the instructions exactly and use only a small dot of whitening gel for each tooth. Using too much gel creates sensitivity and can leak onto your delicate gum tissue, causing irritation.

Would You Like a Brighter Smile?

Contact Jeff Leech Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation and we can help you find a teeth whitening system that will work best for you so you can enjoy a smile that makes you feel great about the way you look.

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