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How much will my dentistry cost?

We hear this question often.

While we do strive to keep our fees competitive, we have no desire to provide the least expensive treatment in town. Our office strives to provide the best treatment in town and at a reasonable price.

If you shop around, you will find that we are not the lowest price. We set our fees in a way that allows us to treat patients with the same supplies and labs that we would want to be treated with ourselves. Since your dentistry is an investment in your smile and your health, we want to use the materials and dental lab that will give you long-lasting results. Sometimes that makes our fees higher, and sometimes it makes them lower than surrounding offices. Either way, it's almost impossible to give you a quote for a specific procedure without determining what you need.

The first step would be for Dr. Leech to evaluate your area of concern and then give you an idea of what treatment he feels is appropriate. In some cases, he may offer several options for treatment and you can make a choice based on your lifestyle and your goals for your smile.

We are up-front with fees and help our patients plan their treatment in a way that they can afford and be thrilled with the final result.

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